At Pitch, our goal is to bring you a cool and inspired place to make beautiful sounding recordings.Cool as in air-conditioned rooms. Inspired as in fabulous views of the Umbrian countryside. Every room is acoustically treated. Soundproofing panels ensure comfortable listening and performing.The floor is hand-made. Solid spruce has an added effect: nice reflections for instruments and vocals. The recording rooms may be acoustically isolated, but the large windows mean you’re never out of view. Ensembles can record independently, but the effect is as if you’re playing live, spontaneously. What else? There are two bathrooms, a lounge area, a panoramic terrace and storage for your gear.

Campi Multipli: 

CONTROL ROOM (16MQ) - This is the main room. We have top-of-the-line equipment for recording and mastering.

A ROOM (28 mq) - Our largest room, it’s the first choice for entire ensembles or drums recording.

Sala A

B ROOM (8 mq) - The perfect room for solo instruments and vocals.

Sala B
Sala B

C ROOM (17 mq) - A multi-purpose room, suitable for guitar/bass amplifiers.